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Urban Art Indonesia is a company engaged in architectural services (Architecture), property construction (Contractor), Interior - Exterior (from design to making), and Digital Marketing.


Urban Architecture Indonesia is a collaboration and a combination of reliable architects and business analysts who have worked professionally, greatly contributing in the world of design since 2002.

Urban Architecture Indonesia is an architectural consultant who was founded on a joint agreement from Chandra Setyana and Frananta Brata Setyawan who are 2 architects who have long been involved in the world of architectural design.

The name Urban itself is an urban language where the dynamics and demands of the city for good planning are needed so that the success rate of a project is much higher. All presentations, both good and bad, can be calculated carefully in the planning concept.

Design a concept of a built and representative aesthetic environment
Providing correct education to clients in each design

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In 2010, we as architects want the designs that we make according to the final results. The quality of the building and structure are maintained which made us decide to form Urban Architecture Indonesia to support the overall Urban Art Indonesia project from planning and design so that the level of professionalism is even better. The planning team can focus more on work from the start and be monitored directly by the architect.

4 years later, there were many requests for us to design the interior. Because we are experts in the field of building and interior design, we try to make it in accordance with the wishes of the client. And it turns out they like what we have given them. Since then, there have been many requests to decorate buildings, redesign old houses, redesign apartment rooms, decorate shops, decorate or redesign cafes, redesign offices and other buildings that require interiors. We form a special interior team and also to maximize our work for the workshop, so that the quality of the furniture items we produce is guaranteed to be good.

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Best Design Idea
Immediately after foundation Interior Design won an Local Interior Design Award in 2014.


The year of great success must have been 2016, with all the new projects and clients emerging and connecting with Urban Art Indonesia.

In 2016, every project came because they already knew about our performance by always maintaining the quality that Urban Art Indonesia provided.
Some of our highlights are:
1. Directly controlled by the architect
2. The material used is the best specification at its price
3. We will draw 2D and or 3D designs according to the needs of the work to represent the results in the field
4. Having workers in the field who are reliable in their field
5. Have a workshop for production
6. We are very experienced in handling architects, contractors and interiors for more than 10 years
7. You can get satisfying results at very competitive costs

In 2019 Rojer Warouw joined who is a reliable and experienced business analyst, has high flying hours and is professional. This certainly strengthens the foundation of Urban Art Indonesia in every sector. Starting from planning, describing the results of planning into 3D design, building the project in accordance with the agreed drawings and planning. In the end if you want to make a lot of houses and areas, need careful business-scale planning in terms of profit calculation to the marketing stage, we provide digital marketing to help you achieve a solution.


Let’s design & Build together

Urban Art Indonesia is a company engaged in architectural services (Architecture), property construction (Contractor), Interior - Exterior (from design to making), and Digital Marketing. If you want to make a new project, you are in the right place because we can help conceptualize your business in terms of market study, design projects (architecture), build them (construction). We provide the concept and marketing strategy through digital marketing or conventional, the sales team so that you will get maximum benefit at a lower cost than you do yourself. We also open up opportunities for cooperation to build a property project.

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